Two. Twenty-two. Two thousand twenty-two. This unique palindrome date perhaps had couples rushing to the altar because of the number two.  And how thrilled parents who gave birth to twins that day must have been! 

Well, imagine my excitement when I opened the email attachment from the State of Texas that read, “Certificate of Filing of Marvalous Weddings, LLC.”  Established when? You guessed it, 2/22/22!  This date was not planned, let alone thought of.  I was like, “Okay, Lord!” 

My brain immediately began to make connections about its meaning and significance for my business.  As a teacher, I always incorporated visual aids to support the learning of my students. Perhaps one of the most common is the Venn diagram, which uses overlapping circles to represent the similarities and differences between two concepts. 

“Y’all come here for a minute!”

Similarly, the two overlapping rings in my logo represent just that. As unique individuals, the bride and groom bring to the table two separate ideas, tastes, desires, etc. for the wedding (and the marriage). Yet without losing their individuality, the overlap represents the common bond, the consensus, the compromise, the oneness, the union. 

Either way you look at it, 2/22/22 marks the official beginning of Marvalous Weddings, Inc., where I am ecstatic to bring all the details together and honored to execute the day so that you and your guests can enjoy the marvalous celebration of two becoming one.

Okay, that’s enough about me. Next time we’ll get started with some wedding planning tips and tools!!