Pull up a chair and sit awhile. Through my blog posts, I hope you will find inspiration, encouragement, and a few helpful wedding planning tools you can use.

Isn’t it funny how things circle back?  Fashions come and fashions go, but if you keep those bell bottoms in the closet long enough, they’ll be back in style again. Seasons come and seasons go, but if you hang in there after a long winter, spring flowers will bloom again.

So it is with life. So it is with my life! My circle back goes waaaaay back… a pretty big circle, if you will.  I’ve always had a knack for being artsy-craftsy in some form or fashion.  I would say my true passion for crafting began as a teenager when I made a Mother’s Day wreath for my mother, decorated with silk chrysanthemums. Get it?  A mum for mom lol. Well, that one-of-a-kind original is still hanging on her bathroom wall to this day, reminding me of my humble beginnings. 

A few years later my friend, Lauralyn Johnson, asked me to join her in a venture to do event planning and decorating. Let me tell you, “We Do” did it all. We did weddings, we did baby showers, we did birthday parties. You name it, we did it!

Then life happened…we both got married and soon had daughters.  Full-time careers caused us to push the pause button on all that planning fun. 

Fast forward some 35 years later to 2021 (I told you it was a pretty big circle), when I had the pure pleasure, total joy, and distinct honor of planning and coordinating my daughter and now son-in-love’s wedding.  Something about that experience reenergized my soul, leaving me longing for more. And as God would have it, more came rather quickly. I had the privilege to do month-of planning and day-of coordination for three more weddings.

To say “this girl is on fire” would be a gross underestimate of my renewed passion. After a combined total of 40 years in banking and education, I retired and immediately (literally the next day) enrolled in a wedding planning course at New York Institute of Art and Design.

I am so excited, yet humbled, to announce my circle back…now as a certified wedding planner and the proud owner of Marvalous Weddings, LLC, established 2/22/22.  Now that’s a story in itself that I’ll save for next time!!!