Whether for its stunning design, out of tradition, or for its delectable taste, it goes without saying that every wedding is expected to have a wedding cake or wedding dessert. After all, it is often the focal point and show-stopping centerpiece of the reception space. With that, the cake-cutting ceremony is a tradition that many couples continue to include in their reception timeline. There’s just something sweet about watching the bride and groom feed each other that first slice of cake, which then signals guests that it’s their turn to satisfy that sweet tooth.

I am thrilled to introduce the first of a four-part series featuring some of my favorite vendors through a questionnaire-style interview. Let’s begin this month with something sweet…yum!!

Describing her cake-decorating style as Elegant, Modern, and Chic, meet Kynara Davis, the owner of Something Sweet Bake Shoppe in Arlington, Texas.

Kynara, what motivated you to go into the baking business?

I grew up learning my way around the kitchen at a very early age. Like many of us, I tapped into my passion during the pandemic. For me, it was baking, and on July 11, 2020, I established Kynara’s Kitchen as a home-based, Texas Cottage baker. Throughout the pandemic, I took several cake decorating classes and began offering custom desserts after mastering my new skills. Over the next year and a half, Kynara’s Kitchen continued to operate as a home-based business, and provided menu items that included custom cakes, wedding cakes, dessert-style cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. In October of 2021, Kynara’s Kitchen rebranded as Something Sweet Bake Shoppe, and has since transitioned from being home-based to a commercial space, in partnership with a local coffee shop – Cup o’ Vibes.

What challenges or hindrances did you face during this process?

There’s a constant battle to find a balance between entrepreneurship, working full time in HR, and just life in general. The process has been difficult, and it comes with various challenges and sacrifices.

What is the story behind your business name?

Something Sweet Bake Shoppe is named after my grandmother, Lela Mae Davis, who’s known for saying, “I wish I had something sweet”, when she’s in the mood for dessert. Even in her 90s, she still enjoys cakes, pies, or cookies after a good meal. The name is in honor of her and the legacy she’s created in the kitchen for her family.

What is unique about your business? What sets you apart from the competition?

Our desserts are created with high quality ingredients and southern hospitality. We provide a memorable experience where families and friends can come together and celebrate with Something Sweet.

What tips would you share with potential wedding clients?

  • Secure your wedding cake date at least 6 months in advance
  • Your wedding cake should serve 80% of your expected guest count
  • Don’t forget your cake stand, dessert plates, and cutlery
  • For outside receptions, do not leave your wedding cake in direct sunlight

Why do clients choose to work with you?

We’re very visual, and we bring visions to life during the consultation process with cake sketches and vision boards that are customized for each client.

As the client’s baker, what is one unique idea or contribution you made to their day? Describe how it made you feel.

We provide a complimentary anniversary cake upon delivery of the wedding cake to all our couples to avoid the hassle of trying to save the top tier during their reception. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a special day, and it feels great to ensure they’ll be able to celebrate their first anniversary with Something Sweet.

If a client had one thing to say about their Something Sweet experience, what would it be?

“When I tell y’all our wedding cake was amazing!!! I’m not a dessert person so I wanted to make sure my husband picked what he wanted. The one thing I regret is not eating more cake! It was so GOOOOD.” – Breanna Pippen

Your Turn

No matter how you slice it, Something Sweet Bake Shoppe can meet your sweet celebration needs. And to top it off, you can add custom-designed acrylic cupcake charms and cake toppers for that perfect final touch.

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