I was so proud of myself.

Being careful not to allow the overlap to bunch up or the foam to poke through, I finally wrapped the, what is now, faded pink ribbon around the Styrofoam wreath, Next, I placed the chrysanthemums in the perfect position….a detail that could not be ignored, Then as the finishing touch, I added the ribbon banner with the hand-embossed letters, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Get it? A mum for mom lol.

After over 50 years, this faded-ribbon wreath is still hanging on my mother’s bathroom wall, reminding me of my humble beginnings and love for details, even as a teenager.

I am sure you have heard the expression, “The devil is in the details,” which indicates the details are complicated and are likely to cause problems.

In contrast to this negative connotation, I choose to see things through a lens of love. Those who know me will often hear me say, “Love is in the details”. It expresses the idea that whatever I do is done thoroughly with excellence, as unto the Lord. Just as God meticulously counts the hairs on our heads, (Matthew 10:30), I am inspired to mirror that same level of attention to detail in everything I do.

In the context of wedding planning, “love is in the details” takes on a special significance for me personally. In 2021, the pure joy of planning my daughter’s wedding and the privilege of managing and coordinating three others, left me yearning for more. I literally thrive in the intricate details of planning, cherishing the opportunity to provide thoughtful attention to every aspect of the wedding planning process.

Here are four areas where “love is in the details” can be put on display by a wedding planner:

1. Personalization

Love is in the detail when a wedding planner takes the time to get to know the couple. Whether it’s helping you decide on a song that reflects your personality or coming up with a concept for wedding favors your guests will always remember, attention to detail allows for personalization and incorporation of meaningful elements that reflect a couple’s love story, personalities, and values.

2. Communication

Love is in the detail when a wedding planner invests time and energy to develop respectful relationships through open, honest, and candid communication. The planner clearly and effectively communicates with the couple and all vendors involved in the wedding planning process to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

3. Problem-solving

Love is in the details when a wedding planner is able to anticipate potential problems or challenges and address them before they become major issues, ensuring a stress-free and seamless wedding day for the couple.

4. Going Above and Beyond

Love is in the details when a wedding planner goes the extra mile to exceed the couple’s expectations. Whether it’s arranging a special surprise or creating a unique and memorable guest experience, attention to detail contributes to the exceptional quality and excellence of the wedding.

What Others Have to Say

“Marva truly took the time to get to know us and our vision so she could execute the details of our wedding successfully. It is evident that she has years of experience with wedding planning. Hiring Marva took a load off our shoulders.” – Willie & Shakaila
“Marva is truly a God send. She asked me all the right questions, thought about details I missed, and handled all our vendors. Marva is detail oriented, organized, thoughtful, caring, and has the sweetest personality.  She truly made our day special and handled the details flawlessly. She took the stress away and allowed us to enjoy our day without a worry in the world.” – Mark & DeAnna

Your Turn

With a keen focus on your vision, my strong commitment is to give you the peace of mind that every detail will be skillfully managed to deliver a most “marvalous” wedding experience for you and your guests.

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