“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” Anne Frank

Please indulge me for a moment and allow me to begin the new year with a formal introduction/reintroduction.

I am Marva Bernard, the proud owner of Marvalous Weddings, LLC of Arlington, Texas, and the blessed wife, mother, and mother-in-love to William, Kelly, and Eric. I am a two-time graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington, with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree (1981) and a Master of Education in Teaching degree (2001). A perpetual learner at best, my most recent achievement is receiving wedding planning certification from New York Institute of Art and Design (2022)…Yay!!!

I am thrilled to be at this point in my life where I can pursue my passion for planning on a professional level. With two successful careers in banking and elementary education that spanned forty years, my journey to becoming a certified wedding planner showed up through my work as an extension of who I am. Beyond the inherent responsibilities of being a bank manager, teacher, instructional coach, and principal, it was second nature for me to incorporate fun celebrations…from planning corporate award receptions to organizing school-wide academic events. Just give me a theme, and I’m there for it! I am intentional in creating ways to thread elements of that theme tastefully throughout.

In 2021, the pure joy of planning Kelly and Eric’s wedding and the privilege of managing and coordinating three others, left me yearning for more.

So what did I do after retiring 9/30/21?

I literally enrolled in a wedding planning course the very next day.  Why so soon, you might ask? While I realize I gave myself no time to take a break, honestly, that’s just how excited I was to get started.

Looking Back: A Year of Preparation

As 2023 has begun, I can’t help but reflect on the key events…dare I say, defining moments in 2022 that allowed me to transition to the exciting world of wedding planning.


2/22/22 – The formation of Marvalous Weddings, LLC. This palindrome date has so much depth and meaning that I wrote an entire blog about it. Suffice it to say, the teacher in me made a connection with the overlapping circles of a Venn diagram to the overlapping rings in my logo. Please check out the deets, https://marvalousweddings.com/ringside-with-marva-2-22-22/


4/26/22 – Certificate of Graduation, Certified Wedding Planner –  New York Institute of Art and Design


6/4/22 – Website reveal, dedication, and launch of Marvalous Weddings, LLC

6/28/22 – Supporter/Exhibitor at ZEducation, LLC’s “You Got This” Back to School Summit – Arlington, TX


7/30/22 – Supporter/Exhibitor at E:320 Nutrition & Energy’s First Anniversary Celebration – Arlington, TX


11/6/22 – Exhibitor at the Great Bridal Expo – Dallas, TX

11/12/22 – Contributor/Advertisement in the 2022 Souvenir E-Journal for the Emerald & Gold Scholarship Ball and Debutante Presentation sponsored by The Arlington Foundation for Excellence in Education and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Xi Theta Omega Chapter

Looking Ahead: A Year of Proposals

Believing that some of the best days of my life haven’t even happened yet, I am thrilled to take my year of planning to the next level…a year of proposals.

Now that “he asked”, and you said “yes”, I would love to partner with you by offering a wedding management proposal package that focuses on your vision. It is our strong commitment to give you the peace of mind that every detail will be skillfully managed to deliver a most “marvalous” wedding experience for you and your guests.

Complete and submit our contact form at https://marvalousweddings.com/work-with-us/ by 1/16/23 for a chance to receive 20% off our wedding management services.

We can’t wait to serve you!