Marvalous Weddings is based on four fundamental principles that speak to who we are as individuals. In this blog post, I share actual wedding moments where each of these principles were demonstrated.

1. Build trusting relationships

We value people and therefore invest our time and energy developing respectful relationships through open, honest, and candid communication.

On the day before the wedding, the groom and three of the groomsmen did not show for the rehearsal. Yes, as traumatic as that sounds, there was a somewhat reasonable explanation…kinda…well, maybe not! Suffice it to say, because I had built a respectful relationship with the couple, I was able to speak to the groom honestly and candidly about the impact of his actions. As a result, he and the groomsmen arrived early enough on the day of the wedding to give us time to rehearse.  He later thanked me, numerous times, for how I invested in them as a couple.

2. Serve with passion

Serving others is our God-given gift. We will go in hard for you as we honor Him.

While doing her hair, the bride burned her finger with the curling iron. As her friend, mom, and I were helping with her veil and dress, the burn sensation continued to worsen. I rushed to the kitchen to get a bag of ice. Little did I know, none of the wait staff spoke English. After some acting-it-out and dramatization on my part, it was determined that they did not have any baggies. I located a discarded bag and quickly filled it with ice, returning to the bridal suite to save the day, lol.

3. Remain calm under pressure

It is of a certainty that not everything will go as planned.  Such is life and when faced with challenges, maintaining self-control and remaining calm are the character traits that allow us to problem-solve quickly and effectively.

On this warm September day, the custom cake was delivered and set up on the cake table at the scheduled time. Moving on to the next task, I left the room. Upon my return, I noticed from a distance something white laying on the black table cloth that was not there previously. It appeared to be a linen napkin, but as I got closer, my eyes were no longer deceived. To my shock and surprise, a piece of the fondant curtain drape had fallen off the cake. My teammate and I calmly considered the options…try to repair it ourselves or call the baker to return and redo it. At this point, the fondant was too hard and would only crack. Two voice messages later, the baker answered the phone stating it was delivered correctly and that she was too far away to return to the venue in time. This was one component of the cake that the couple wanted to ensure was well executed, so that no seams would show on the multicolored cake design underneath.  The only alternative was to position the cake at an angle where it wouldn’t show….unfortunately the couple noticed immediately. Thankfully, they were calm about it and saw the bigger picture of the beautiful and fun reception they and their guests would experience.

Just know there were future conversations with the baker…

4. Execute with excellence

Every detail. Every single time!

“From start to finish, Marva was there every step of the way. She was absolutely amazing and really stepped in during critical parts of the wedding process. You will cherish every moment of the experience with her. Her attention to detail is stellar.” – Eric & Kelly

“Marva truly took the time to get to know us and our vision so she could execute the details of our wedding successfully…it’s evident that she has years of experience with wedding planning. Hiring Marva took a load off our shoulders.” – Willie & Shakaila

“Marva is truly a God send. She asked me all the right questions, thought about details I missed, and handled all our vendors. She even helped me and my mother get into our dresses. Marva is detail oriented, organized, thoughtful, caring, and has the sweetest personality.  She truly made our day special and handled the details flawlessly. She took the stress away and allowed us to enjoy our day without a worry in the world. – Mark & DeAnna

“If you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment, it absolutely is. Take that stress off of you and leave it to the best which is Marva. – Kendrick & Tanisha

Your Turn

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