A good vendor team will match your values and help make your vision become a reality. In a world filled with new and established vendors, how do you determine who should be on your team?

Social media makes it easy to read reviews and view galleries, etc., but take it a step further and ask the vendor for the names of three or four former clients that you can call. Whether deciding on a florist, Dj, photographer, baker, rental company, or caterer, there are a few key characteristics to consider when selecting your vendor team.


Can you trust the photographer with your most intimate and personal wedding moments?

Vendors should be reliable and trustworthy. A photographer often goes behind the scenes to capture personal moments such as the bride getting dressed, the couple’s first look, or their last dance. Having built a trusting vendor relationship gives you a sense of ease and comfort.


Does the caterer focus on service?

Vendors are in the business of offering a service to the client. They should be friendly and work well with people. Even if they offer products or goods (yes, you absolutely want delicious food), the ultimate eating experience is dictated by the quality of service.


Does the florist instinctively know what looks good together in order to make the right floral decisions?

Vendors should be phenomenal at their jobs. They should be skilled experts in their craft, keeping abreast of new trends in order to remain knowledgeable and relevant.


What recourse do you have if a significant piece of fondant icing falls off after the cake has been delivered? (Trust me…lesson learned!)

Before hiring a vendor, you must ALWAYS insist on a written contract that explains, in great detail, what the vendor will do and how much it will cost.  Understand the financial consequences of cancellation and the specifics of the refund policy before signing on the dotted line.

Wedding Vendor Team Booked, Now What?

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