Wedding trends provide inspiration and guidance, and help couples create a wedding that is unique, memorable, meaningful, and reflective of their personal style and preferences. While wedding trends come and go, there are a few current trends that are likely to have lasting appeal. Here are some wedding trends that are expected to stand the test of time:

1. Intimate and Personalized Celebrations

As a result of the pandemic, the trend of smaller, more intimate weddings is likely to continue. Couples are opting for meaningful and personalized celebrations that focus on their unique love story and prioritize quality time with loved ones. This was the case with my clients, Mark and DeAnna, whose guest count of 60 included family and close friends. “We learned how to make our wedding just that, OURS. We cut out what others found traditional and made our own tradition. We found what mattered to us and tailored our wedding to that.”

2. Meaningful Wedding Décor

Couples are moving away from generic wedding décor and opting for meaningful and sentimental elements. Incorporating family heirlooms, personalized signage, and meaningful quotes or symbols add a personal touch to the wedding décor. My clients, Eric and Kelly had a date night at Board and Brush where they created wooden masterpieces of one of their favorite scriptures from Song of Solomon. Their boards became the focal point of their ceremony décor, perfectly positioned so that Kelly could see them when she walked down the aisle.

3. DIY Projects

DIY is certainly here to stay. Even 37 years ago, I was crafty enough, and… let’s also say, budget-conscious enough to make my own bouquet. Of course at that time, inspiration came mostly from magazines. Today, Pinterest is the go-to source for wedding inspiration. It offers an endless array of ideas that can be replicated or that can give you direction to create your own vision.

4. Technology Integration

Technology is playing a significant role in weddings, particularly since the pandemic, and this trend is likely to continue. Live streaming ceremonies for remote guests, personalized wedding websites, digital RSVPs, and social media integration are becoming more common. Carefully consider your guests on this one, as well as your own personal desires. Kelly shared, “When it came to choosing printed RSVP cards vs online RSVPs, I was quite particular in what I wanted, and truth be told, so was Eric. We compromised and did both!”

Your Turn

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